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Preparing your first Montessori environment at home can be overwhelming and I sincerely hope the information and photos I have put together here can help you in the process.

Please know that this is just an informational list, if your budget doesn’t allow for all or any of these things it doesn’t mean you don’t have a functional and inviting space.

– Toddlers & Primary –

  • Woven rugs – one large woven rug and then multiple smaller ones rolled up and placed in a rug holder (An old wine rack works great too!) for individual work.
  • Shelves – there are some very high quality Montessori shelves in the marketplace, those are an amazing choice but very expensive, an affordable alternative is the IKEA TROFAST with shelf inserts.
  • Baskets – of all sizes and kinds for presenting work on the shelves, I find the best place to buy baskets is the Thrift store.
  • Trays – Just two or three trays to start off with for presenting work.
  • A large mirror
  • A Child sized table and chairs
  • A Child sized bookcase
  • A pet such as a fish or small gerbil

In addition, consider having one bathroom equipped with a step stool so that they can reach the sink, and try to give them their own drawer with a child size toothbrush and toothpaste set, a child size comb, a small hand towel and a child size soap dispenser. Lastly, a small toilet or toilet seat with easily accessible toilet paper is always appreciated by a potty training toddler.



Consider setting up an independent snack station at home for toddlers and beyond. The site Montessori Services has some great options for setting up a snack station.

– Infants –

  • Lamb skin rug
  • 3 x 5′ woven rug with interesting color/pattens incorporated
  • Wood pull up bar, 2ft or longer
  • One Ikea Rast Nightstand  for storing work
  • Small baskets
  • Wooden baby gym
  • Large mirror

– Our Space –

Here are some photos of our in-home learning environment as it has evolved over the last year.



Our Montessori Spaces_Worpdress Featured Images copy

Lastly, we store work out of rotation in simple canvas sacks that blend into the environment: