Practical Life Activities: 18-36 Months

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Looking for ways to involve your little one/s more in everyday life? Below is a simple list of Practical Life activities you can do with your 18-36 month old.

Washing & Cleaning:  

  1. Wash floors.
  2. Cleans windows.
  3. Clean sinks.
  4. Clean mirrors.
  5. Sweep up crumbs with a handheld broom and dust pan.
  6. Wash dishes.
  7. Wash the table.
  8. Wash cabinets.
  9. Wash trim.
  10. Dust.
  11. Put dirty laundry into a laundry basket.

Food Preparation: 

  1. Wash fruit and vegetables.
  2. Cut fruits and vegetables with a Wavy Chopper.
  3. Make fresh fruit juice with a juicer.
  4. Peel the shell off hard boiled eggs.
  5. Slice hard boiled eggs with an egg slicer.
  6. Whisk raw eggs.
  7. Roll out dough.
  8. Use cookie cutters.
  9. Spread icing.
  10. Sprinkle cookies.
  11. Mash potatoes with a masher.
  12. Spread butter on bread.
  13. Spread peanut butter on bread.
  14. Pour pre-measured ingredients into a bowl.
  15. Scoop non-liquid ingredients into a measuring spoon or cup.
  16. Salt and pepper food.

Table Setting & Serving:

  1. Set the table.
  2. Bring dirty dishes to the sink.
  3. Pour liquids like water, milk or juice from a child sized pitcher into a cup.
  4. Use tongs to serve food.


  1. Pull weeds.
  2. Plant seeds.
  3. Water plants.
  4. Make flower arrangements.
  5. Pick up sticks.
  6. Pick fruit from fruit trees.
  7. Pick berries from berry bushes.