[Free] Zodiac Coloring Activity

Check out this free Zodiac Coloring Activity  from Wanart.com! This is perfect to print out and use during the Chinese New Year time of year. It can also be laminated and used as a kids placemat.

Mandarin Lesson: 小象散步

Home / Montessori Blog / DIY Montessori Activities / Mandarin Montessori Work Here are the materials we used for our 小象散步 lesson in November & December. My daughter is 2 years old, and my 6 month old just observes. Because this is second language work I work alongside with my daughter, she is not doing this work independently … Continue reading Mandarin Lesson: 小象散步

Mandarin Chinese Color Cards

Attached is a PDF that includes the following Mandarin Chinese color cards – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, white, black, and brown. These cards can be printed, laminated and paired with painted Jenga pieces (See my DIY Primary Color Box project). I will start collecting photo examples of our Mandarin color trays and … Continue reading Mandarin Chinese Color Cards